Push Hands Lesson 8 Basic Neutralization

By on 01/06/2016

Push Hands Lesson 8


push hands lesson 8

Push Hands lesson 8

This is the 8th lesson in the Push Hands series that we are featuring by instructor Ian Sinclair.  Push hands training is actually several mental / physical disciplines in one; a person learns to “open up” and intuitively “feel” for what your opponent is going to do next, as well as learning a technique that is sort-of a bridge into applying tai chi movements for self defense.  In today’s Push Hands lesson 8 we learn a basic neutralization exercise.

Ian and Adrian actually make this look like a lot of fun; guess that’s because Ian always incorporates happiness & fun into his training.  Especially when you get about half-way through the video.  However, even though it is fun, you are still learning a fundamental lesson on neutralizing with the core (center),  you are learning how to anticipate the opponent’s force, while we stay grounded and balanced.

When I watch this, I also see deeper life-applications beyond just a Tai Chi practice.  Do you see it too?



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