Tai Chi Push Hands Lsn 11 – Forearm Circling

By on 02/17/2016
tai chi push hands lsn 11

Tai Chi Push Hands Lsn 11

We are winding down to the end of the Push Hands Tuishou series with the 11th lesson out of a total of 12. Today’s Tai Chi Push Hands Lsn 11 is called “Forearm circling in vertical rotation“.   There is lots to learn in this video, but these are my main take-away’s:

  1.  “Neutralize by moving at right angles to the other person’s pressure”.
  2.  About midway through one complete rotation Ian’s arm is perpendicular to the floor (facing his left) and Adrian’s arm exerts force even by just lying on Ian’s arm.  A “lifting’ may not be able to raise the arms,  but by shifting hip-waist to the left, now Ian has more leverage and force to oppose and lift Adrian’s arm.  Pointing out that once again that the proper stance/ position is so crucially important.


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