Tai Chi for Self Defense Push Hands Lesson 4

By on 12/07/2015
push hands lesson 4

Push Hands Lesson 4

In today’s push hands lesson 4 of Tai Chi for beginners, Push Hands for Self Defense series, Ian introduces the next 2 basic energies into a drill.  We learn about a “cramming” and finally a “push” energy.   There is a LOT going on in this simple-looking exercise, and actually requires a lot of concentration on at first.

A very helpful word of advice given by Ian is to “imagine a piece of rice paper between the two touching arms. In this exercise, the rice paper must not get wrinkled, torn, or dropped!”    Can you do it?


Do you know someone who is interested in learning the self defense aspects of Tai Chi?   Share this series and you will surely open new doors for them.


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