Tai Chi Fun – Nunchuck Fails and More Fails

By on 02/25/2015
tai chi fun

Tai Chi Fun

To anyone who struts with a false bravado and an attitude of “it can’t be all that difficult”, you may want to think twice before attempting this.

Ready for a little tai chi fun today?  This is a lighthearted look at what is actually a very serious martial arts weapon – the nunchucks.  But first let me set this up with a little personal story of my own insights.

tai chi fun

Don’t Try This At Home

There is a strange behavior that I have witnessed in (almost entirely) males which is this.  When  shown a certain challenge which is made to look relatively simple yet  held in high regard as being difficult or challenging, males will jump to the challenge and attempt to execute as if it were no big deal at all.   Females however, are more inclined to refrain and listen to their common sense / gut feelings.   This is so pervasive that I shared my observations with my daughter who is now in her 20’s; she has observed this phenomenon to be true also.

My own example for instance.   In the past when I worked in a cardiac rehabilitation department, EVERY time we got a new treadmill or piece of equipment, after the equipment was set up and quality checked,  male co-workers would step on the equipment as if mounting a mechanical bull ride, crank the elevation and speed immediately to a high setting, and start running.  Invariably they were quickly shown who’s the boss, (the equipment) and the challenge would end abruptly.  The ladies would just watch and shake our heads (and make bets as to how soon each challenge would end).

To this end, I watch these two videos with amused yet tense amazement.  Some guys in these videos are obviously not novices – their accidents speak to the seriousness of this martial weapon.   But for the beginners who obviously don’t have advanced skills?  Well, I revert to my above mentioned theory.




I especially like the one with the little girl in the background who tells her daddy “I told you so!”

bruce leeNow to see a pro in action, check out none other than Bruce Lee

I hope you enjoy these two videos as today’s tai chi fun and the lighter side of martial arts.


I welcome your thoughts, insights or questions

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