Tai Chi Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang with Guan Dao form

By on 04/23/2014
tai chi Grandmaster

Tai Chi Grandmaster


No kidding, I am speechless – I love this video!  You know how I love photography and in this video Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang does not disappoint.  Watch here as tai chi Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang performs for us the ancient form of Guan Dao. It is my personal favorite of all his videos.

The supporting music does not disappoint either. As Grandmaster Chen Xioawang moves through this weapons form, you are guaranteed to feel the energy.  A lone drum beat in the background and a lonely whistle gives the feeling of an outnumbered soldier.  An orchestra crescendo  of drums and strings fortifies a determined soldier, and you sit a little closer.   The mind’s eye gets caught up in the mounting energy of the form as we “see” a warrior taking on more attackers.

The drum starts beating louder and is joined by brass; as the battle mounts.  A full battle is now underway and Grandmaster appears to be fighting hundreds of attackers.   A courageous trumpet pierces the air with the expectation of certain victory and you are rooting for him to win the battle.  I won’t tell you how it ends …

Sit back and enjoy the full choreography of this masterfully played Guan Dao form.

Background info from Wikipedia:

A guandao, kwan dao, or kuan taoo (“reclining moon blade”), the name under which it always appears in texts from the Song to Qing dynasties such as the Wujing Zongyao and Huangchao Liqi Tushi.  It is comparable to a European fauchard or glaive and consists of a heavy blade with a spike at the back and sometimes also a notch at the spike’s upper base that can catch an opponent’s weapon. In addition there are often irregular serrations that lead the back edge of the blade to the spike.

According to legend, the guandao was invented by the famous general Guan Yu during the early 3rd century AD, hence the name. It is said that he specified its form and size to be made by a smithy, and was uniquely able to wield such an imposing weapon due to his large stature and legendary strength.

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