Tai Chi To Improve Sleep

By on 01/04/2016

Tai Chi To Improve Sleep


I don’t know about you, but as an adult, I never had problems sleeping until I hit age 40.  I know some struggle with sleep throughout their lives but that was not me until the ‘ol “4-0” hit.   That’s when things started changing for me, noticed first with a disruption in either the ability to quickly drift off to sleep, or to stay asleep through the night.   Since I have always been a person to turn to medications as only a last-ditch solution, I started looking for holistic alternatives for help.  I found several effective solutions, two of which were yoga and tai chi to improve sleep.  At that time, it was easier to learn and implement yoga than tai chi so I started learning and practicing yoga.  However, tai chi yields the same benefits and most folks I talk to also enjoy practicing a combination of both yoga and tai chi.

A recent study by the Sleep Foundation discovered that people who got 150 minutes or more of exercise per week slept better at night and felt more alert in the morning.  Tai chi is a wonderful way to increase your range of motion, promote relaxation, increase your physical activity and thus, provide you with a better night’s sleep through improving your over-all wellness and happiness.  Yes you heard me right, those who are well rested are more focused, have more energy and are happier!

tai chi to improve sleep

Lydia Wong demonstrates tai chi moves for better sleep

Tai chi is called a “moving meditation” and depending on which style you practice, it can be very calming and soothing.  If you choose to practice tai chi for sleep, you will learn how to “let go” and let the worries of the world melt away; you learn to become “in tune with your inner self” once more.  Through movement and meditation, you can release the stress and tension of your day and spend time in a place of relaxation, balance, and inner awareness.

Many who complain of sleep problems also admit to experiencing muscle tension, back or joint pain, and even headaches and leg cramps.  Tai chi helps ease the stress and tension we tend to hold in our muscles throughout the day thus alleviating many of these symptoms that keep us from getting a restful night’s sleep.  Headaches can also be caused by stress.  By taking the time to play tai chi as a means for releasing stress we can allow our bodies to decompress from the day’s activities and lead it into “sleep mode” so to speak.  Just as our alarm clocks jolt our bodies awake in the morning, tai chi can send your body the message that it’s time to start winding down and come to a more restful, peaceful state of being.

Whether you are new to the art of tai chi or have been practicing for years, using tai chi for sleep is a natural and effective way to conquer insomnia, increase your over-all well-being, and finally get a restful night’s sleep.


Below is an example of some tai chi movements without actually being a full form, or style.  This would be beneficial for someone wanting to do something right away; they would not have to learn a whole form.  Just follow along right now to get started:


Here is an endorsement from the AARP:

How Tai Chi Can Help You Sleep Better – AARP
Oct 9, 2008 At the end of the study, published in the scientific journal Sleep in July 2008, the class that performed tai chi reported a significant improvement …




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