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Martial artists rely on words of wisdom handed down through Taoist Sages, Confucius, Lao Tzu, and others


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Cool Image – Yin Yang Safflower fields

I like the way the community that planted these fields integrated the balance and harmony concept into their life and occupation.  When I saw the original photo (below the quoted one) I thought of this Lao Tsu quote so I added the quote to this cropped image:

yin yang


The original image was posted by  which seems to re route to .  I no longer have the original page but the story showed this agricultural community who planted their safflower fields to resemble the yin yang symbol of harmony and balance.  Cool!

yinyang fields2









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Words of Wisdom:

Master Zhang San Feng said: “If you try to control the mind too intensely, this will produce illness, a symptom of which is fits of madness. If the mind does not move, then you should let it be, so that relaxation and intensity find their balance Constantly tuning yourself, controlled yet without fixation, free yet without indulgence, you can be in the midst of clamor without aversion, you can handle affairs without vexation. This is true stability.” – Shared by  Daoist School Zhen Dao Pai 

martial arts quotes for inspiration

martial arts quotes

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

I have seen this quote attributed to both Lao Tzu and Confucius. Enjoy!

Good words to live by. Bruce Lee was one of the most amazing martial artists of our time. His talent was amazing! Bruce did not have an easy life – but through it all learned a lot from the journey. He not only left us with his inspiring story of struggle and determination, but with some pretty inspiring words of wisdom to live by.

Martial Arts Motivational Quotes

Martial Arts Motivational Quotes

Bruce Lee quotes

Bruce Lee quotes

“A good martial artist does not become tense, but ready.
Not thinking, yet not dreaming.
Ready for whatever may come.
When the opponent expands, I contract;
and when he contracts, I expand.
And when there is an opportunity,
“I” do not hit,
“it” hits all by itself.”

This quote is by Bruce Lee in his 1973 film, “Enter the Dragon“.

It was spoken during a conversation with a temple elder.



Tai Chi Inspiration

Tai Chi Inspiration

” The world belongs to those who let go” – Lao Tzu








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