Let’s Encourage Tai Chi Kids!

By on 07/29/2015
tai chi kids

Tai Chi Kids


Thinking of starting a Tai Chi practice with your kids?  It’s important to know that Tai Chi is a huge topic, with hundreds of different styles.  However the journey of 1,000 miles starts with the first step, and this intro video is a good “first step” for kids.

Introduce them to a few concepts, stretches, and poses, encourage a calm relaxation and then just let it take off.  The video is short (5 minutes) and easy  for kids to follow along with the instructor.

This next video is wonderful – you will find yourself smiling the whole time you are watching it!   Notice how the room is well lit, light walls, bright colors, even a colorful new uniform for the young girl; these are all important points to remember when teaching kids. They naturally are attracted to happy, light, colorful surroundings.  This will help keep their attention and make practicing a “happy” time.

In this crazier-than-ever stress filled world we live in, we need to give our kids tools they can use to help develop an inner calm and strength; Tai Chi  ( taiji ) can play a major role in this goal.  Let’s get kids into Tai Chi!




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