Tai Chi News in Singapore – These Fans Once Had a Razor Edge

By on 03/31/2014
tai chi fan event in Singapore

Tai Chi in the News

What if I told you the beautiful-looking fan has a razor-sharp edge for fighting?   No, not the one used in this competition, but if you are wondering how a fan became part of  tai chi, a sport that once was used for fighting, it is because the fan’s originally were made with razor-sharp edges.

Taking place this month (March) and making tai chi and martial arts news has been the 5th International Martial Arts Tournaments in Singapore.  Video of the competitions are starting to make their way onto the internet, and in this video we can watch a   Chen style taiji fan (tai chi fan).

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Anyone care to share with us some details of this video?  The author did not provide the participant’s names.

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