Push Hands Lesson 5

By on 12/11/2015
push hands lesson 5

Push Hands Lesson 5

In today’s push hands lesson 5 post, Ian builds on the first two drills by adding “Wrist Spiral and Rolling Hand” which seems to be a combination of the previous horizontal and vertical circle drills.   Again we are cautioned against using force, resistance, or pressure; these are NOT used, as they ultimately lead to vulnerable openings.

I found it interesting that in the youtube comments after this video, one person did not care for Ian’s lengthy verbal explanation and examples – that reviewer wanted to see more of the actual demonstration.  However I found the explanation and demonstrations toward the end of the video were MOST helpful.  Everyone is different.

Don’t forget, it will take months of practice before you really understand and can apply the energies maximally so don’t give up, and don’t allow yourself to get frustrated.   Please share this with others who are interested in learning Tai Chi Push Hands for self defense.


The Essence of Taijiquan Push-Hands and Fighting Technique
Fengming Wang, published 2014, 350 pages


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