Tai Chi (taiji) Master Chen Bing with Silk Reeling

By on 10/17/2014
Silk Reeling

Silk Reeling

This is a great little 5 min. video with Master Chen Bing sharing a focus lesson with Silk Reeling.   Though it is not the 24 form I am learning, (or may not be exactly the form you are learning)  the concepts taught here are universal.

The language is not English and there is a TON of background noise, but the video is crisp and clear,  annotated with text so the viewer can read the English translation, and some EXCELLENT information that all new players need to know.  In fact, I muted the video to eliminate background noise in the video – you won’t need your audio with this lesson.

I confess that I have often not put the thought into the beginning posture when starting a Tai Chi ( taiji ) form.  Partly because as a beginner, I am focusing on getting the movement down. But this video teaches us what to concentrate on (balance, weight in the dantian) as we begin our practice.



Chen Bing Reeling Silk from John Prince on Vimeo.

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