Tai Chi Tuishou – Push Hands Lesson 6

By on 12/16/2015

Push Hands lesson 6

This is one of my favorite push hands videos so far, because here we start to see the previous lessons pulled together into one action.  In other words in this Push Hands lesson 6 video that Ian calls  “Four Hands”, we really see the first exercise where all four energies described in earlier videos are now integrated into one exercise.

Don’t be intimidated by the detail of these instructions; it looks like the instructor just wants us to thoroughly understand the movements.  By the end of this lesson, everything ties together into a seemingly smooth, easy, effortless movement.  However, now that you understand all the thought and concentration that’s happening behind the scenes, you can truly appreciate how active the brain is while concentrating on this exercise.



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The Push Hands Workbook: T’Ai Chi Partner Movements (Tui Shou) for Sport and …
Nando Raynolds, published 2006, 168 pages


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  1. Margret Walker

    08/01/2016 at 8:28 pm

    Helpful, thank you

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