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Testimonials Page – How Tai Chi (taiji) and/or Qigong has helped me


This website and corresponding Facebook page have been “live” since October 2012, and we have enjoyed learning many ways that the practice of Tai Chi has helped individuals. It was suggested we start a seperate Testimonials page, and I think that’s a wonderful idea. So This page is devoted to personal testimonials, not heresay.


If you have a testimonial that you would like to add to this page, feel free to share it in the Comments section at the bottom, or on our Facebook page and I will add it to this webpage too. You can find the Facebook page at  http://facebook.com/thewayoftaichi


Geoffrey Lister :  You asked for testimonials about the effects of tai chi in our lives.  Before tai chi fifteen years ago my back would  intermittently go into spasm, putting me out of commission for days.  No longer–it rarely hurts.  I am tall and was poorly coordinated–now I feel connected and graceful.  My feet were stiff and dysfunctional; now they are flexible and alive.  I wouldn’t want to live without it.


Keith Mutch i try to teach real-life benefits of Tai chi practice…A Tai chi student related a story to me (in response to my request for feedback on their experiences of Tai chi in real life practice) on her experience with shoveling snow using what She’s learned (we touch on “occupational Tai chi” practice in class). She shared her experience with her doctor, who was happy with her ability to deal with weather issues and avoid injury.

As my teacher frequently says “i’m very pleased, but not surprised”, I’d like to add grateful & thrilled that i have people that apply these practices in real life & share them with me.


Loren Loomis 8 years ago began a journey of tai chi chih…simplified american version for meditation…has calmed me…allowed me to go through colonoscopy without anesthesia…really helped me to connect with universal spirit…love doing tai chi…
I was taught tai chi chih at the phoenix va my teacher uses it to help cancer patients and hospice at that location and others in phoenix  🙂


Patty Penner I’ve been doing tai chi for 25 years – I was so ill many ywars ago that I could barely get off the couch and at one point weighed 113 bls (I’m 5’5 1/2″)  I was a huge fan of Kung Fu the series with David Carradine – i had this knowing that Tai chi would help me regain my strength and stamina – I began with simple videos and then advanced to classes and knew I had to teach it so others would know the healing power of Tai chi.  I’ve been teaching for many many years – I eventually met David and his Master (Yuen) at a conference in Chicago – was very saddened by his death but not surprised.
I also each Qigong.  I agree personal testimonials are the best.  I am almost 64 but have had many people tell me I like 45 or 50!   A Chinese acupuncturist I used to go to told me it was the T’ai Chi.  I only eat organic –  I do eat meat but only free range, organically raised and am limiting that also – absolutely NO pork!  I take many vitamins and supplements and juice also.


Paul White I was allowed to teach an enrichment class for my former middle school students in Tai Chi and Qigong. No one ever complained, either (very odd for this age. Lol). And they were all fully engaged in the play the whole hour!


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