Vintage Tai Chi Chuan – It’s Effects And Practical Applications

By on 07/24/2015
tai chi yin yang

Vintage Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan –

It’s Effects And Practical Applications

by Yearning K. Chen

Grand Terminus – Introduction

What is meant by tai chi or the Grand Terminus

Tai chi, or the grand terminus, is a subtle system of Chinese philosophy. It is impossible to discuss its contents in a short chapter like the present one which aims only had given an outline for its outstanding features.

From the negative terminus to the grand terminus are comprehended the theories of all created things in the universe, and the principles of the formation of Yin and Yang. (Darkness and light). When the grand terminus acts, it forms Yang.  When activity reaches the extreme point it becomes inactivity, and inactivity forms Yin.  Extreme inactivity returns to become activity. Activity is the cause of inactivity and vice versa.

The young elements of the grand terminus are firmness and kindness, known as the beginnings of creation. The young elements of the grand terminus are softness and righteousness known as the completions of creation. The young elements are active, and the Yin elements interactive. As activity and inactivity, firmness and softness, are thus distinguished, insubstantiality and substantiality are formed.

In addition, the mail is Jang, and the female is Yin. John is strong, and begin obedient. These two supplementing each other create all things. Since all things are reproduced ceaselessly the evolution is infinite.

Furthermore all matters in the universe are formed from the combination of the Yin and Yang representing negative and positive. This is a theory of philosophy.  About 2,480 years ago Buddha gave the idea that all matters in the universe are formed by the combination of inner Yin an outer Yuan separate. It is a general phenomenon of the universe that creation and extinction alternate.

The above idea corresponds with the principle of science. According to the electron theory, all matter consists of positive and negative electricity is every atom consists of a nucleus containing in excess of positive electricity and from 1 to 92 electrons moving around this nucleus.

tai chi yin yang

what is tai chi

For instance, the circle and the figure is divided into two;  Yin and Yang occupy half each – insubstantiality and substantiality are equally represented.  Activity pertains to Jang and inactivity to again there is Yin in Yang and Yang in Yin.  Firmness is concealed in softness, and softness in firmness. Activity includes inactivity, and inactivity includes activity. This is what the black and white in the figure are meant to represent.

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