What is Qigong part 3

By on 07/08/2014
what is qigong


This is part 3 of the 3-part series explaining what Qigong (Qi Gong) is, as well as tying it with some scientific concepts we already know and understand about the body.  As with part 1 and 2, I have listened to the video and taken some notes, which are presented below in bullets for your ease and convenience.  I highly recommend you copy-paste these bullet points, and add to a Word document along with the notes from part 1 and 2.

Notes from this part 3 video:

  • Our bodies finish ‘growing’ at around age 29years, and our bodies naturally start lowering our hormone level production
  • It is believed that regular Qigong and massage help to maintain high hormone levels, thus increasing longevity
  • The amount of chi storage we have is directly related to our immune system. High Chi storage levels result in a stronger immune system
  • Low chi energy levels mean not enough ability to create white blood cells, which are our first line of immune support
  • “Skin Breathing Qigong Technique” was developed to strengthen our skin-level energy chi, or “aura”

Chi Circulation:

  • We have 2 bodies: the physical body, and the bioelectric “chi” energy body
  • Our energy ‘chi’ body is the source of vitality for our physical body and cells
  • Our chi body is also the source of energy for thinking and spirit because chi energy is what vitalizes the brain
  • Any chi  energy imbalance (over time) will result in a physical and/or mental disorder
  • You are familiar with blood circulation; think of chi having its own circulatory system
  • Chi circulation made up of 8 vessels, and 12 primary chi channels with thousands of secondary channels branching from it
  • The 2 main vessels are the conception vessel (front / anterior) and governing vessel (back / posterior). These are the most important because they regulate all the primary chi channels
  • On the governing vessel are over 700 main acupuncture sites where chi can be regulated
  • By regulating and restoring chi energy flow, sickness can be cured and a healthy body maintained!
  • The 8 vessels act as reservoirs that regulate chi circulation in the 12 primary channels by storing excess or replenishing chi to areas needing more.
  • At night when our physical bodies are relaxed and quiet therefore requiring less chi, our chi levels replenish as well as nourish all glands and hormone levels
  • By increasing our chi in the Real Dan Tian, (our bioelectric battery and reservoir) we increase our overall chi levels
  • Any physical damage along the governing vessel will interrupt or stagnate chi supply to that area of the body



After watching all 3 parts of this Qigong series, I am anxious now to purchase the full video series- I have been very impressed with the teachings in these videos so far, and look forward to learning more!  How about you?



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