What Is Tai Chi and Qigong?

By on 04/21/2015
what is tai chi

What Is Tai Chi


New to tai chi and wondering what is tai chi and qigong?

As we wind down to the festivities of World Tai Chi Qigong Day in less than a week, there is a lot of buzz around the practice, and this is a great time to reach out to those who are interested in exploring the question “what is tai chi?”.  Perhaps you or a friend are curious and want more information?  Or perhaps you are a beginner looking to find more information?  Or even perhaps you know someone who would benefit from tai chi and/or qigong, and would like to share this post with them?  That is the purpose of this post today.

In this video we are introduced to Angela Hsu Cantafio, who gives us a very brief explanation of what tai chi is and how it came to be.  No lengthy explanations (though entire books have been written on the subject) this is an easy to understand and brief explanation.

Angela Hsu Cantafio is an international tai chi competition medallist and is now (at the time of this video shooting)  living in Sydney Austrailia, and working as a tai chi instructor.



Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan: Ancient Chinese Way to Health
Wen Zee, Andrew Weil, published 2002, 121 pages

Long Life, Good Health Through Tai-chi Chuan
Simmone Kuo, published 1991, 134 pages




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