Tai Chi – What’s It All About? Jason Chan Seminar – pt 1

By on 02/03/2015
tai chi with jason chan

Tai Chi

This week I am attending an online seminar via Youtube with Jason Chan – care to join me?  I started this journey yesterday and decided to share it with you all.  I found that by “attending” this first lecture, it stayed with me all day.  I found myself thinking about his message in everything I was doing.  Let’s take a look…

In this seminar, Jason opens by posing the question “What is the difference between the physical art of tai chi and the spiritual art of tai chi?”  The answer depends on how deeply you want to explore. You may choose to stay at the physical martial level, and that is fine.  Or you may go deeper into tai chi as the moving meditation that it is.  In this seminar, and today’s part 1 video, Jason embarks on a journey taking us to the deepest level where tai chi becomes a spiritual art. No, not a religion, but a spiritual awakening which is (or at least should be) the ultimate purpose of mankind (my opinion inserted).

This week I am featuring Jason’s lecture – here is part 1.

My favorite part other than of course the overall message?  I love the way Jason gets the giggles then has to pause to just laugh!  It is refreshing to see someone else like this rather than the usual stuffy shirts we listen to at seminars.  Thanks Jason for being yourself – you make watching a seminar FUN!

For more information you may visit Jason’s Infinite Arts website.


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