Workplace Qigong For Morning Break

By on 02/15/2016
workplace qigong

Workplace Qigong

As I sit here on this cold February morning, the world outside frozen in the icy-rain that fell yesterday, my senses are awakened with vivid memories of warmer spring days from watching this qigong routine.  A perfect combination of beautiful photography, qi-inspiring music and an ancient, flowing, qigong “dance” draw me in to another place in time.

This qigong is both relaxing and rejuvenating. In fact, isn’t that what work-time “break” is supposed to be?  Doesn’t it allow workers to ‘disengage’ for 15-30 min to re-boot our energy, unwind, and mentally & physically get ready to “get back in there” to finish out the day’s work?  Let me propose this; what if rather than sit in the cafeteria, or vending area, what if you stepped outside or found a quiet hallway, and enjoyed some rejuvenating workplace qigong?  In fact, invite a few co-workers to join you.  If they don’t know qigong, all the better – just have them follow along.  You may quickly start a group of workplace qigong players who are excited to join the healthier-alternative to junk food in a noisy cafeteria.


A little more stretches you can do in this part 2:

If you currently have or plan to start a workplace qigong or tai chi group (or even if you are the solo player at work), we would love to hear from you!  Share with us in the comments section your thoughts.  It will take all of us jumping in there to get the word out but a workplace qigong time is worth it.



.pdf of 8 sections qigong brocade

This video here on my tai chi website is one of my top favorites for the 8 silken brocades qigong routine






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  1. Greg S.

    06/09/2016 at 1:14 pm

    I typically go through the Yang 8 Posture form before I sit down at my desk each morning and often again over my lunch break.
    I’ve gotten a lot of questIons and interest from people who see me doing this and ask what it’s all about.
    Unfortunately, Legal at my office won’t allow me to lead a practice group here.
    Interested if anyone had a group going in their workplace.

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