Workplace Tai Chi Qigong

Do You Do This At Work When You Think No one Is Watching?


Tai Chi Qigong At Work

Tai Chi Qigong At Work


Come to this page to get ideas, see what others are doing, and share ways that workplaces are allowing / encouraging workplace Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation





Qigong Stretches

There are tons of ideas in this almost-1hr video.  Mix it up depending on your time and space.  But this will surely help you get started:

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Tai Chi at Work?

This is a newly released Tai Chi video without any helpful info in the ‘about’ section, but my guess is that she is recording a demonstration of Tai Chi while on break. She does it in the snow! Gotta love her dedication.


Tai Chi (taiji) Movements at your desk
How many of you have ever been sitting at your desk at work and wished you could just walk into the break room and practice a few minutes of Tai Chi (taiji) to wake up and get the circulation going again? I know I have! So when I saw this video title, Tai Chi Exercises At Your Desk, I just had to watch and share it with you. It’s an interesting idea especially for so many of us who work outside the home.

I have a “standing desk” at work but the concept still applies – how can a person incorporate some tai chi (taiji) stretches or movements without leaving their work station? Or, perhaps you (or someone you know) has limited mobility who would also benefit from these movements.
So let’s look at this 7 min video and see what you think. What I would really like to know is what exercises / stretches can you think of that a person can do without leaving their desk or work station? Anyone here have some ideas?